Amy Ning

Amy Ning was born in Tokyo, between a Chinese father and Japanese mother. An immigrant to SOCAL in her earlier years, she studied art at California State University, Long Beach earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration. While working as an illustrator for the Orange County Register Newspaper, her work was honored by the Society for News Design, Print Magazine, the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles and Society of Illustrators New York. Ning’s career in freelance illustration was established and represented by Liz Sanders Agency. Her illustrations have been in numerous magazines, books and textbooks, product packagings, billboards, film to mobile wraps. Ning’s fine art have showcased the galleries in California, Colorado and Minnesota. A participant of 2019 Arts Festival/ Art-A-Fair in Laguna Beach and Pasadena Art Walk, California.

“The endless journey of finding the balance between two cultures East and West, is evident in my work where I examine and embrace the ambiguity within. Disparity plays the protagonist in all of my images. To capture an emotive dialogue through my work with the audience shall be my privilege. I inspire to the energy and wit of Klee and Picasso. My appreciation of ukiyo-e woodblock art is reflected in my lean towards shapes existing in a two-dimensional environment. The attraction for subtle color gradation answers to my years as an airbrush artist. Concepts and preliminaries are executed traditionally with pencil on wood panel, as well as completed digitally as gyclee prints.”


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Amy Ning
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Artist Work

Friends (2021)
Digital Art. Cat and bird could be friends.

Prop (2022)
Digital Art. Woman and her props to decorate year of the tiger.

Blind Rescue (2022)
Pencil on wood. Woman, horse, snake, monkey and fish.