Amy Bauer

My work is a representation of my eclectic personal interests and style, and a reflection of the urban landscape in which I live. My work is informed by a love of pattern, texture and color; as such, I choose materials like fabric, handmade paper, and paint. I explore folk art sensibilities, and include a twist in my pieces that refers to environmental issues. My art is intended to biodegrade over time, having already been fabricated from repurposed raw materials. My most ambitious series involves the individual properties of various adhesives and discarded papers or fabrics.

Amy has degrees in design, fine arts and educational technology. Her artwork is in The Brooklyn Art Library and Visions in New York City as well as numerous private collections. She is also the recipient of a “Promise Award” from the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey.

Experience as a seamstress and an educational technologist enthusiast are drawn into her artistic disciplines. Utilizing her design skills she has collaborated with others in art projects, curating art shows, teaching, visual merchandising and jewelry making.


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Amy Bauer

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Momento Mori (2018)
Covering wearables with paper takes away the soft every day comfort of getting dressed and expresses to the viewer what is on the mind of the artist In this case a concern for matters of reuse, excess and the future. Materials used: discarded fabric, notions and paper.

5 Little Birds (2018)
Fabric birds hand sewn. Contributed to Yarn Bombing LA show at LAX 2019. Waiting for their return flight. Medium: Scraps of crafting felt, cloth for clothing and interiors, buttons and thread.

Corresponding Emotions: A guide about females for males: Lust (2010)
From a series of drawings based off sketches. Displayed in England in 2013. Medium: pencil, pastel and charcoal.

Link to Corresponding Emotions: A guide about females for males: Lust