Alycia Shiann

My name is Alycia Shiann. I am a 24 year old artist originally from Northern California and now reside in Long Beach. I began my artistic career my junior year of high school when I was mistakenly placed in an Intro to Art class. I had no intention of putting much effort into my work, but my teacher encouraged me and showed me my strengths. After that, I started revolving my world around art and it changed my goals for the future from marine biologist to aspiring full time artist.

My art is a direct representation of me and my thoughts expressed through bright colors, floral elements, and surrealism. My work has focuses on my spirituality and my personal experiences throughout my life. I have been painting and drawing for almost 8 years and moved specifically to Southern California to pursue my career as an artist. I love to challenge my skills and always search for the next big accomplishment. For my future work, I hope to take on bigger canvases and start my first mural while still incorporating my surrealist style.


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Alycia Shiann
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Artist Work

The Rebirth (2024)
This year is all about rebirth for me. I know every new year somewhat feels like a rebirth. But this year felt like stepping into a new phase in my life. I am no longer in school, I’m a full time artist/graphic designer, I’m learning things on my own time, I’m focusing on my spirituality & clearing room for things most important, etc.

Link to The Rebirth

Missing Piece (2022)
This painting is meant for those who have dealt with loss. Each flower serves as a symbol of the afterlife; the rose is enduring love, the peace lily is a soul at rest, the tulip is heaven and eternity, and the plumeria is for my grandfather, dedicated for him.

Growth Pt. I (2023)
As I’m maturing and growing into the woman I want to be, I feel that I’m always changing. My body, the way I view the world, how I go about daily life, etc. This work represents the growth that we experience as humans and how beautiful it can be.

Link to Growth Pt. I

Paradise (2022)
The bird of paradise serves as a visual reminder to ground yourself when you are in a state of anxiety or stress. The angel number 111 represents that you are on the right path and also serves as a reminder to not worry about the future.

Link to Paradise

Window to the Soul (2023)

Link to Window to the Soul

Catch and Release (2024)

Link to Catch and Release