I am an abstract artist of 5 years .
It took me 4 years to create art that has an effect on the brain.
I have created over 80 original abstract artworks and each one has a different effect on the eyes and brain .
My style of art is infinite and has no form .


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Contact Information

Alexander Gonzales
(323) 641-8187

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Artist Work

Alexandrite (2020)
A woman's favorite colors were found in this rare gemstone called "Alexandrite" . It was sunch an amazing coincidence that I had to make an artpiece inspired by that gemstone with part of my name in it .

Rare Elation II (2020)
I was feeling very happy within myself and decided to express my feelings of joy with very vibrant and mellow spring colors .

Color Pencil God (2020)
After 2 years of occasionally working on this massive 18in by 24in . I decided to take a final 100 hours to complete this masterpiece of perfection. This is the first artpiece of it's kind and currently the most complex artwork I have made to this day .