Alex Pinter

As an artist and teacher, I have a passion for working with people and their creative endeavors. Whether this regards food, art, health, or the environment, I bring my experience, creativity, and leadership skills to any task.
I aspire to work with children and communities through teaching and facilitating art and public works. I have experience tutoring as a volunteer as well as teaching art to students from kindergarten to high school. Incorporating inclusive practices into my teaching is crucial, as art is an activity for all students to actively participate in their education and experiences. When it comes to my philosophies as an art teacher, first and foremost is a student centered approach which provides critical stimulation, new sensory experiences, and opportunities to question and discover.

In my personal art practice I explore ideas around feminism, mythology, and ecology. Lately I’ve become more interested with process and playing with expression, resulting in more abstracted forms. I implement these themes and experiments across a myriad of techniques, from ceramics, printmaking, painting, illustration, and fiber.


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Alex Pinter
(760) 522-8386

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Artist Work

Galloping Away From Responsibilities (2016)
A multimedia interactive installation, "Galloping" is a set of cardboard body parts of a goat/camel/giraffe like creature. All materials were scraps and found paper ephemera collected over the semester. Like a puppet, each piece is able to be re-positioned.

Blessings of Liberty, Civilization, and Religion (2017)
This copper etching is based on Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal act, criticizing the attempted eradication of Native cultures through violence, rape, and pervasive racism. A fallen herd of native buffalo are scattered across the plains, with violent fires erupting beyond them, transforming into bursts of European Starlings, an invasive species.

King Vulture of Clubs (2018)
This piece is one of a set of lithographs that insert birds into playing cards. The King Vulture with its characteristic facial features and textural plumage lent themselves well to the rendering techniques in lithography.