Alex Gee

I found out I was an artist just last year around November 2017, this November 2018 is my year deadline. Living 6 years with pain and depression led me to figure out what makes me happy and that is succulent art sculptures. I have two ideas I have made business plans for each.

1. Second Chance Succulents for at risk teen youth the purpose of that idea is to change the mind of a troubled teen and find “peace in a garden”. I have day by day action plans youth centers that I’m waiting for replies from. Hoping for the best but knowing I really can change a troubled teen’s mind with personal stories from my past.  How in one miss guided year, I found peace with myself and made something beautiful, giving the youth reassurance that they are not a bad person, and that  life might have kicked you on your butt a couple times but it’s up to you to change for the better.

2. Succulent Treasure home décor, where I will create garden art kits and teach classes on how to properly care for succulents. Part of my mission is to turn all my bottled up anger, hate, pain, depression and time I spent to finding myself in to a fruitful project that inspires others going through similar experiences. I’m content and proud of all the attention my art gets in the neighborhood which has inspired me to have a business of my own or gain recognition as a rare type of folk-art gardener with an ‘’artist thumb‘’. I want to change at risk teens live’s before they get more engulfed in a troublesome path. l I found a reason to try again and it made me happy, made me feel good to look at the beauty of my sculpture and with time the succulents give back a vibrant look to my garden and community.



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Artist Work

peace garden (2018)
3- D sculpture of the derailed life I was living that could have been my demise, while reflecting back on both the good and the bad experiences of my life.

the aged house. (2018)
A succulent based aged home for a garden which is aesthetically appealing to the eye.

My ex who inspires my art (2018)
I was hit hard when my ex told me she was pregnant by another man. My life was changed and I fell into a deep depression, in a sense this is the baby she didn't give me. My peace is my garden.

the bird house (2018)
a bird house for my mom, one of the first pieces i made to start my transformation to a civil humble green thumbed man.