Alex Diffin


I work primarily with acrylic paint and spray paint. I like big punchy color or a tangible mood to my works.

I like these mediums because I can work quickly and use as many layers as I like to let the piece evolve how it desires to evolve. I enjoy not having a hard and fast idea going into a painting; for me, the end result tends to look more fluid and natural.


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Contact Information

Alex Diffin
(310) 948-7092

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Artist Work

Blink - Mural (2016)
Large portrait of a woman with her eyes closed. She is decorated with multi color drips.

Earth's Children (2018)
A woman with her hair in buns has rose petal eyelashes. She is surrounded by California poppies and bees are hovering nearby.

Speak Softly (2017)
A woman floating has a large pink rose in front of her mouth, she is approached by bees.