Ajax Kelly

Jack Kelly is an illustrator, designer, and muralist living in Downtown Long Beach. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, he moved to LB in the summer of 2018 and quickly made roots. For the last five years he worked as an apparel designer, creating graphic tees for companies like Nintendo, Marvel, Star Wars, etc. Due to Covid-19 he has transitioned to working as a freelancer full-time. This allows him to focus primarily on working with like-minded individuals and businesses to help spread good vibes to the community.


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Jack Kelly
(513) 582-9869

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Artist Work

Voodoo Ranger - Render Me This - 2nd Place (2020)
This was my entry into the Render Me This contest that InspiredLBC, The Arts Council, and New Belgium put together for Voodoo Ranger. My inspiration came from old campy zombie/B-movies because I thought it would fit nicely with the Voodoo Ranger style.

Showgrow Creators - Artist Spotlight (2019)
This was one of my favorite early projects that got me planted here in Long Beach. I was given the opportunity to design one of the collector "Stash Boxes" at Showgrow, and interviewed me for their Youtube channel.

ShowGrow Creators: Jack Kelly, illustrator.

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Commodity Mural (2020)
Over the summer I was asked by Commodity to paint the exterior of their building as a way to draw people in to their shop. I was inspired by their love of vintage cars and motorcycles, as well as their newly opened plant residency, All Time Plants.