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Born in Phoenix, Arizona and raised in Long Beach, California, I began pursuing creative outlets at a young age. Frequent trips to museums, community art programs and even my Grandmother’s eclectic eye left a lasting impression on me. During High School my earliest jobs were with the Public Corporation for the Arts and the Museum of Latin American Art. MOLA is where I was first introduced to artist like Frida Kahlo, it is where I first learned about Artist in Residence, and where I solidified my passion for the arts. I was hooked!

Deciding to broaden my horizons and experience different cultures, communities and environments, I left the Sunshine State and spent the following decade in New York. I received my formal education at the Fashion Institute of Technology, earning my AAS in Jewelry Design and my BFA in Accessories Design. I have always been an artist. While studying at the Fashion Institute, I discovered that the perfect medium for me to express my creative ideas was jewelry. One day at school while looking at the endless scraps of leather, I felt that there had to be a better way to use them. In that moment, my signature style was born. I was able to combine the discarded leather with my love for gemstones and metals, which paved the foundation for Aingeel-Z Jewelry and Accessories.

After moving back to the West Coast, I found my business home with the Long Beach Museum of Arts X. For the last three years, I have been working to build my business, hire employees and continue making quality jewelry that entices and captivates customers.

Teaching has become another facet of my business. I taught my younger brother how to sew, giving him access to a skill that he has turned in to a Luxury leather apparel business. Naturally I added jewelry-making classes to the business. I am dedicated to sharing knowledge and information through the arts. My mission is to add beauty to the world—one piece at a time—but also to inspire people in the same way that others have inspired me.




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Aingeel Talley
(917) 608-3110

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Artist Work

Cryptonite' Wire Wrapped Necklaces (2016)
Our designs are inspired by an appreciation of nature. Enhancing the beauty of each stone by finding the right touch of metal is a crucial part of our process.

Wonder Woman' Cuff (2018)
Empowering women is important to us. Each agate stone is unique and distinctive! We take time in piercing brass and bending prongs to create the perfect handmade cuff.

Agate Druzy Wrapped Ring (2017)
This Agate Druzy Ring is absolutely striking. It is speckled with iridescent tones. Each illustrious nugget is tightly and uniquely wrapped in brass wire. This beauty is the perfect addition to your unique jewelry collection.

Classes! (2017)
We offer a myriad of jewelry making classes! If you are looking for creative party ideas, this is a great way to get together and learn a new skill!