Adrien Edwards

Today, we minimize risk in order to live comfortably and predictably. Most of us have routines, which help us navigate an otherwise difficult environment. My routine involves using paint in a way that requires improvisation and intuition. Incorporating chance in my work is a meditation in chaos. The idea of planning for improvisation lays a contradiction that I like to play with. The risk of making a large amount of poor paintings in this fashion to make one acceptable painting is attractive to me. I often approach a surface with a very loose plan of how I want it to look in the end. Improvisation requires both prior experience and thinking quickly, but most important, being present.


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Adrien Edwards
(714) 264-5288

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Artist Work

Peeled Apart (2019)
a loose construction of a figure with duplicating body features

Golden Hour (2017)
This work is meant to invoke the feeling of a hike I took during sunset.

Dissolve (2019)
This work was meant to show how two materials work to force your eye off of the surface.

Searching/ Wandering (2019)
I worked on this piece to achieve a deconstructed sort of composition with fragmented paint applications, feeling unresolved.