Adam Reid

I express myself through various artforms. I do this to provide insight, connection and self-expression. I use multiple mediums that include spray paint, graffiti art and pencil/ink sketches that are original and unique. I also believe in recycling the ordinary in order to change it into the extraordinary. This is done to connect to others and to myself, and for anyone to gain insight into my world and the world around us. The freedom my art provides is an outlet for my angst as well as a way to process what can’t be put into words. My art is inspired by community, culture and the lives we live. It is my honor and privilege to illustrate what we experience individually and collectively – and provide insight into our world.



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Contact Information

Adam Reid
(562) 313-6559

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Artist Work

Street Style 1 (2019)
Desolate streets - light into dark spaces.

Day of the Dead - in work (2020)
Day of the dead - in work mural sketch

Long Beach Smoke Shop Commision (2020)
Commissioned for Long Beach smoke shop owner

Free Form Sketch for mural (2018)
Sketch for mural