A.J. Luke

AJ is fresh out the blocks and running with his music career and has certainly paid his dues in the music industry. In the words of one eloquent fan “Your voice touched my soul” AJ has touched hearts of many all over the world.
Born and raised in Long Beach, California. Starting at the age of 8 yrs old playing the piano at his father’s Long Beach church and then at age of 12 yrs old, becoming the bass player for the professional gospel quartet group Long Beach Southernaires.
AJ has performed around the globe with many major artists and continues to share his passion with his fans through his own heartfelt recordings.
AJ is also a mentor to youth within the the Long Beach Unified School District, teaching music production and performance.


Contact Information

AJ Luke
(562) 230-4834

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Artist Work

Let's have a party (2021)
This song was made during the pandemic to create intimate party at home with lover.

Let's Have a Party

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Lord we need you (2010)
This song was made to encourage through tough times

A.J. Luke : We need you lord!

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Give love on Christmas Day (2020)
Celebrating Christmas, encouraging others to give love on Christmas day.

Jarez & AJ Luke "Give Love On Christmas Day" | Smooth & Relaxing Jazz | Saxophone Christmas ambience

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