Arts Council for Long Beach is featuring artists from our Artist Registry. For the month of August, we are celebrating socially engaged artists and this week we are highlighting art collective Soul Cypher Collective.

Soul Cypher is a creative collective and hospitality-driven marketing agency dedicated to promoting emerging local artists. Soul Cypher is based in Long Beach, CA and was founded by Imani “ICO” Onyia in 2016. They seek to establish an active, supportive network of like-minds focused on achieving urban excellence by empowering artists with love, light and the resources necessary for success. The collective strives to build communal relationships that will foster the successful development of Creatives through engagement-marketing, community partnerships, media production and hosting curative events in advocating for mental health awareness. One of their recent events they hosted this year was For the Love of Queens 2021, a Black Women’s Appreciation Brunch and Mental Health Workshop that featured licensed therapist Dr. Tabitha Taylor Psy.D. 

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Instagram: @soulcypherlb