Arts Council for Long Beach is featuring artists from our Artist Registry. For the beginning of July, we are celebrating our BIPOC artists starting with performance art duo, Mirrored Fatality.

As a nonbinary Kapampangan-Pilipinx and Pakistani-Muslim performance art duo, artists Mango and Samar utilize their practice of sharing their holistic medicine through DIT (Do It Together) experimental and healing noise punk. Their recent project, Cocoon Webs EP (2020) is a combination of performance art, music, graphic design, spoken word, photography, film, drawing, painting, upcycled fashion, healing justice practice spaces, and anti-imperialist education while “mobilizing and bridging a transnational warrior community who responds urgently to transnational calls-to-action between Turtle Island, Kashmir, and Mindanao.” In January 2021, Mango and Samar were featured in an article on Abolition Is…, which is an online multimedia platform, serving as a political resource for “students of abolition, by students of abolition.” 

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Instagram: @mirroredfatality