Arts Council for Long Beach is featuring artists from our Artist Registry. For the month of August, we are celebrating socially engaged artists and this week we are highlighting art collective ART REALM Collective.

ART REALM is a Long Beach based collective and initiative that focuses on building community through artistic expression as well as uplifting emerging artists, expanding opportunities and spreading messages of unity. Brandie Davison, a Long Beach native, artist, curator and the founder of ART REALM Collective, has served as Compound Long Beach’s Curatorial Assistant, and is currently a member of TFA’s Young Curators Program Cohort. Brandie and ART REALM have also partnered with FORTHE, a fiercely independent not-for-profit, and non-hierarchical media organization that serves Long Beach by publishing investigative journalism, cultural coverage, political essays, and local art. Through their collaboration, ARTNOTADS is the next step in their independent model. Where other outlets might display ads, FORTHE’s website displays local art by local artists. ART REALM curates some of the best talent our city has to offer, and each month FORTHE publishes an interview with a new artist, which will appear across their site.

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Instagram: @art.realm.collective