Arts Council for Long Beach is featuring artists from our Artist Registry. For the month of July, we are celebrating our BIPOC artists and this week we are highlighting Amy Solis. Amy Solis is an undocumented, queer, jewelry maker and activist born in Quinto, Ecuador. Amy is drawn to jewelry’s potential to form narratives on the body. Her jewelry work, known as Mi Corasol Jewelry, can exist simultaneously as political statements, decoratives, and functional objects. She unapologetically centers the experiences of her Latinx, QTBIPOC, immigrant and activist communities with every piece she makes. Amy has a background in sculpture and craft; earning a BFA degree in Fiber Arts from California State University, Long Beach where her undergraduate work focused on identity politics. Solis is currently continuing her education by working towards her Jewelry Entrepreneurship Certificate at Long Beach City College. Her work decentralizes cis-white-heteronormativity while questions systems and institutions which have oppressed people who exist in the margins.  

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Instagram: @mi_corasol