On April 21, 2018, Greenly Art Space will be hosting the opening reception for “Home”, our annual fundraiser.  On behalf of Greenly Art Space and the exhibition curator Kimberly Hocking (Director of Greenly Art Space) we invite you to submit your work for consideration for this show. “Home” will explore the many interpretations of the word “Home”.  This powerful word invokes ideas of family, comfort, connection, sanctuary as well as loneliness, fear and conflict.  Home can be an actual dwelling, a sanctuary from the storms of life or a state of being found in the solitude of nature.  Some find their home in being with those they love and cherish.  Home can be a place of hospitality and a sacred space away from the world.  As you consider this theme, call up images and words that speak to you.  Art submissions can include realistic as well as abstract works which speak to the presence of home in your life. You can create new work, or submit previously created work that fits the theme.  All mediums will be considered including short film. Up to 3 submissions will be accepted until April 7. Make sure to include title,medium,price, dimensions, a short description of piece and a link to your website so past work can be seen as well. Please submit to Kimhocking@aol.com and for more information please call (562) 533-4020.