Mosaics in Transit Mall

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Lithomosaic designs were installed in the downtown Long Beach Transit Mall at eight stations spanning three blocks on both sides of the street in 2010 by artist Robin Brailsford. The LithoMosaic technique involves creating a large-scale design and blowing it up to full size. Next, a piece of plastic is placed over the design, with a piece of mesh over the top of it and the mesh is removed before the concrete is places to seal the mosaic.




Additional Artist Details Cut paper designs by Bhavna Mehta, and mosaic fabrication by Wick Alexander, Kelsy Hartley and Robin Brailsford.

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Address 130 E. First Street, Long Beach, CA 90802 (get directions)

Location Name Transit Mall

Location Description1st St. between Pine and Pacific Ave., eight bus shelters labeled A – H make up the First Street Transit Gallery.

Long Beach Transit Bus Routes

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