Seventeen projects were funded this month through the Arts Council’s Arts Education Enrichment Grant. Through the generous support of Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe, Fourth District, and the Ruth and Joseph C. Reed Foundation for the Arts, the Arts Education Enrichment Grant provides financial support to Long Beach Unified School District students for arts education experiences. From fieldtrips to local arts institutions to instrument rentals for a performance at Carnegie Hall – elementary school, middle school and high school students throughout Long Beach will have the opportunity to learn about art and culture.

The 2015–16 Arts Education Enrichment Grant recipients are: Barton Elementary, Cabrillo High School, Fremont Elementary, Gompers K-8, Jackie Robinson Academy, Lafayette Elementary, Lakewood High School, Longfellow Elementary, Marshall Academy of the Arts, Prisk Elementary School, Renaissance High School, Washington Middle School and Wilson High School.

The Arts Council is pleased to offer a second round of funding for the visual arts category of the Arts Education Enrichment Grant. If you missed the last round of funding you will have a second opportunity to apply for the grant. Teachers are encouraged to apply and submit their application by February 8, 2016.

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