As the Arts Council for Long Beach continues to ramp up for Long Beach Gives, we’d like to take a moment to introduce some of the many other participating Long Beach non-profit art organizations. Each of these organizations plays an integral role in nurturing a diversity of arts forms, collectively engaging with a wide range of ages and communities within our city. A gift to any of our fellow arts organizations on September 19, 2019 is an investment in the artistic and cultural richness of Long Beach. But don’t just take our word for it! Take a moment to get to know your local art nonprofits, their missions, and their contributions and impacts on our community.


CityHeART is a non-profit organization that intentionally Analyzes, artistically Reports, and compassionately Tends to community struggles. “Using art as the platform, our vision is to bring awareness to the community of challenging social issues and to encourage community members to take part in combating those issues.” 

Why Donate?

Your gift will help us continue to provide for our city through our community based programs. Some of CityHeART artistic programming includes: 

  • Art from Ashes: We aim to raise awareness of various community issues in our city by facilitating art workshops for those experiencing those issues and then creating original artwork for display in our city as a vehicle for telling true stories about community struggles.
  • Heartsy: Heartsy offers a comprehensive Summer arts program catering to children with special needs using a combination of art expression, instruction, yoga, music and movement, and sensory integration. Additionally, HeARTsy provides free community art services to local organizations and events throughout Long Beach in hopes of addressing social issues and providing healing through art for at-risk and homeless children and adults.

To donate on 9.19.19, visit:

International City Theatre

International City Theatre is a mid-sized regional theatre in the heart of Long Beach that offers five inspiring and thought-provoking professional mainstage productions and six vital arts education programs which touch the lives of about 30,0000 children, families, adults and seniors annually. Artistic Director/Producer caryn desai works diligently to identify works for the stage that entertain as well as challenge and exhilarate audiences with work that shines a light on societal issues and concerns as diverse as the faces of our community. 

Why Donate?

ICT’s six education programs aim to be catalysts for positive change and to make a difference in the education of our youth and the quality of life for our seniors.

Senior Outreach:
– “I live on $930/month and it is wonderful to get to experience quality, live theatre productions (and to be able to attend with friends).”
– “It’s wonderful! It’s a way to spend the afternoon and forget worries. I have been attending for 3 years. It’s very seldom that I get to laugh and feel ecstatic. I hope you will continue treating seniors to shows like this.”

Summer Youth Conservatory:
– “The staff is amazing!!! And my son has a newly found passion for acting.”
– “Making new friends, learning from different teachers, performing a finished project”

Performing Arts Classroom Teaching:
– Student: “I was proud of the class’s work and what you told us and all the things you taught us I never thought I would do. Thank you for inspiring me to show out my character. I never thought I would have. You made me not shy, not nervous. I would love to perform again.”
– Teacher: “[Our teaching artist] was amazing! She really brought out quality work from my students. They were engaged from Day 1 and looked forward to her lessons.

Free Saturday Family Theatre:
– “Our kids were mesmerized with the short, but understandable morals. The east theme related to their heritage and that of friends, making it meaningful. Watching their peers go onstage was the BEST part for them.”

– “Loved the energy of the performance and the larger interaction of children. Everyone in my row was thrilled and sitting on the edge of their seats! How can we get more performances?”

Students to Stage:
– “I felt more involved than just on a big screen to watch.”
– “It was very fascinating. I would like to see more live productions because they really inspire me.

Internship Program:
– “Being a valued part of a professional regional theatre was an incredible learning experience. The skills and experiences I have received from ICT have given me the confidence to keep moving forward in my career.”

To Donate on 9.19.19, visit:

ICT Senior Outreach
ICT Free Saturday Family Theatre

Long Beach Opera

Why support the Long Beach Opera in your community? We MATTER to the fabric of Long Beach. We bring national recognition to Long Beach – front page of NY Times and LA Times Arts Section! LBO attracts outside visitors – nearly 40% of audiences travel from outside LB and patronize locally owned LB businesses. We heighten tourism by bringing exceptional quality art to your own backyard! Long Beach Opera the oldest continually producing opera company in the Los Angeles area, and we continue to forge a new path by creating entire seasons of interesting, important, and culturally relevant work. LBO operates only in the realm of the cutting edge, presenting an entire season of works carefully chosen to expand cultural boundaries and show audiences not only what is beautiful, but also what is possible.

Why Donate?

Not only will your donations support the 2020 season, they also support Long Beach Opera’s educational outreach efforts. Educational initiatives at LBO bring the arts to nearly 7,000 students in underserved schools. Your donation fuels Long Beach Opera in its mission to engage people through provocative meaningful experiences that challenge, connect and inspire.

To donate on 9.19.19, visit:

Long Beach Playhouse

“LBP has been producing theatre for the community, by the community since 1929. We are the oldest continually operating community theatre west of the Mississippi, with 13 productions a year on our two stages.”

On 9.19.19 the Playhouse will be doing a modern day ‘telethon’ on Facebook Live to encourage giving. We are finalizing details but at the moment we are planning on being live for more than 6 hours. We will have performances, Q&As, tours, and other programming TBD. 

Why Donate?

Our theatre’s goal is to raise $8,000 which is the average direct costs for one of our 13 productions we put up each year. That covers the set and prop costs, costumes, royalties, designer and director stipends, along with advertising to tell our community about the show.

The Playhouse is grateful for any amount given today be it $1,000 that covers our average royalty expenses, or $5 which can go a surprisingly long way covering props for a show.

Thank you for being a part of Long Beach Gives and making Long Beach a better place to live for everyone!

To Donate on 9.19.19, visit:

Long Beach Youth Chorus

The Long Beach Youth Chorus is the premiere community children’s choir in Long Beach. The mission of the Long Beach Youth Chorus is to develop the appreciation of choral music and musical talent among young people from diverse backgrounds in a mutually supportive environment. Our vision is to be a diverse multi-chorus organization that provides every child in the region the opportunity to perform in a choir and gives them the life-changing skills that choral singing can develop.

Why Donate?

Singing in a choir leads to better confidence, health and wellness, and the growth of the Youth Chorus is showing that to be true. According to multiple research studies, “choral singing improves our mood, with a decrease in stress, depression and anxiety.” Tania de Jong spoke at a TED talk in 2013 about the surprising ways that choral singing improves confidence and a whole host of physical/mental wellness attributes.

When Kaitlin Kitchens started taking voice lessons with Mary Kathryn Rivera, she was frustrated because she could not get the lead. “After working with her one on one I discovered the problem was more about being shy and having no choral experience and less about ability,” says Mary. “I recommended she start singing with The Long Beach Youth Chorus (LBYC) so she could have more practice singing in front of and with new people once a week.”Since then, Kaitlin has had no trouble auditioning. In fact, she has auditioned – and got – two lead roles in musicals since she started singing with the LBYC, as Alice in YaYa’s Performance Academy’s Alice in Wonderland, and as Flounder in Marshall Academy of the Arts’ Under the Sea.

Her mother, Tina Hansen, says “At school Kaitlin is known as the shy and quiet girl; the girl who doesn’t get noticed.  But on stage she is a performer and she comes alive. Singing with the Long Beach Youth Chorus and performing in large venues with the Long Beach Symphony and Camerata Singers has helped her confidence and singing skill and has led her to try for roles with other performance groups.  To say the students and teachers were shocked would be an understatement!” 

Join us on Long Beach Gives day, September 19, and help us make that vision a reality.

To donate on 9.19.19, visit:

Museum of Latin American Art 

The Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) is the pioneering museum in the United States dedicated to modern and contemporary Latin American and Latino art. Founded in 1996, MOLAA houses a collection of more than 1,600 works of art including paintings, sculptures, drawings, mixed-media, photographs, and video art. The Museum is a multidisciplinary institution committed to providing a platform for cross-cultural dialogue through the arts, educational programs and events for the community.

Why Donate?

MOLAA continues to serve the community by creating programs based on innovative exhibitions that transcend the traditional museum narrative. MOLAA cultivates, educates and promotes immersive experiences between Latin American and Latino artists and the community. The Museum’s educational programs provide an alternative way to promote and offer arts education for K-12th graders. The community’s generous support for MOLAA during Long Beach Gives helps to ensure continued expansion of exhibits and educational programming.

To donate on 9.19.19, visit:

Musical Theatre West

Help us help others. The joy & magic of musical theatre has far reaching and enchanting effects.  We believe it has helped our community thrive in good and survive the bad. We believe no one leaves a musical without being transformed in some way.  From learning about our history, finding a family, or seeing a new perspective, Musical Theatre changes lives.

To every MTW show, we bring 2,000 kids to Student Matinees, 10,000 kids a year! Many seeing a full scale, Broadway quality musical for the first time.

Why Donate?

Student Matinees cost $500K/year.  We aim to raise 10% to fund 1 student matinee of “Ragtime” with a message that needs to be heard, especially in these times. 

Musical Theatre Helped me… 

…build a Life!

“Towns have few areas to find the Arts. But they find you.  Radio transports young minds to be THAT singer; imitating a sister at dance class, but getting enrolled instead of ejected. That was me…introduced to musical  theatre in college then performing! Singing. Dancing. Living! Musical theatre found me and built a life along the way. The arts is not a want, it is a need. Helping find ways to share theatre is rewarding, fulfilling & gratifying.  MTW Student Matinees bring Arts to kids. Their chance to build a life…I share how it helped me to build a Life!”

Douglas Senecal


“After the loss of a dear friend, I found solace in Little Women: The Musical. Through the music, I connected to Jo’s story and felt less alone. Inspired I set out to direct my own production of Little Women with the hope of helping those who were hurting too. Thanks to theatre, I found a safe space to turn my grief into something beautiful.”

Supporting Musical Theatre West supports an organization where audiences connect with our shows and each other. We need your help to develop productions that reflect the passionate and drive of the Long Beach community.  By donating to Musical Theatre West, you can help us make musical theatre matter.

To donate on 9.19.19, visit:

P3 Theatre Company

P3 Theatre Company exists to provide professional employment opportunities to theatrical artists.  In turn, we bring the arts to members of the underserved population to ensure they have access to the many benefits the arts have to offer.

P3 Theatre Company is Long Beach’s newest professional theatre company.  In our inaugural season, beginning September 2019, we are presenting some of Broadway’s blockbuster productions such as Evita, Steel Magnolias, Sordid Lives, Gypsy and A Chorus Line. But we can’t begin this venture alone. 

Why Donate?

We need you! As the “new kid” in town, we can’t yet rely on grants, and our donor base, while fledgling, is still growing.  Our mission drives us to provide paid employment opportunities for theatrical professionals and to ensure the arts are accessible to all – particularly those members of the underserved population. Help us enlighten and enhance our all-inclusive community for years and years to come with increased exposure and access to the arts.  Let’s do it together, Long Beach!

To donate on 9.19.19, visit :

South Coast Chorale

Do you know the feeling of being moved to connection and positive social engagement through MUSIC?? … we do too! … and that is why we SING! Founded in 1990, the South Coast Chorale is proud to be a diverse ensemble of individuals who are dedicated to building bridges between communities by using music to remind us all that WE ARE MORE ALIKE THAN DIFFERENT.

Why Donate?

Over the years, SCC has filled a vital role in helping to enhance the cultural and educational life of greater Long Beach through partnerships with local community organizations.  In recent Seasons, the South Coast Chorale has:

  • Presented the Southern California premiere of Street Requiem, honoring those who have lived and died on the streets. A portion of ticket sales were donated to the LGBTQ Center Long Beach for the creation of programs for at-risk youth that identify as LGBT, and over 100 items of clothing, food and hygiene products were donated to local homeless organizations, including “Love In The Mirror” 
  • Fiscally sponsored the newly-launched personalized educational nonprofit “Fresh-Ed” and continue to partner on the inclusion of socially-conscious music and song in the lives of children in a K-8 learning environment.
  • Co-Commissioned and presented the west coast premiere of a choral tribute to the life and accomplishments of civil rights activist Bayard Rustin. The performance received recognition from the NAACP and local city leaders. 

And … Turned performances into fundraising opportunities for community partner organizations, by donating a portion of ticket sales back to organizations that help sell tickets.

As the Chorale moves into its 30th Anniversary Season, we are experiencing significant growth and continue to reach out across Long Beach in ever-expanding collaborative partnerships. CELEBRATE our Anniversary year and SUPPORT our efforts to continue spreading musical messages of inclusion, acceptance & equality.

To donate on 9.19.19, visit:

Nannette Brodie Dance Theatre (South Coast Dance Arts Alliace)

At South Coast Dance Arts Alliance, our vision is to be recognized as a performance organization that uses dance to promote imagination, expression, communication and self-esteem. The mission of the organization is to bring quality dance experiences to a wide audience, which includes a strong commitment to educational outreach in our community. The SCDAA also supports the operation and activities of the Nannette Brodie Dance Theatre, a professional modern dance company. 

Why Donate?

“NBDT has mentored hundreds of dancers and touched their lives forever! Many of my students do not have the resources to take outside dance classes and/or training. If it was not for the work with the NBDT, my students would never have the opportunity to learn modern dance technique. My association with Nannette has had an immense impact on my dance program and changing these students’ lives forever! I will eternally be grateful to Nanette and her company!”

Ruth Mohr-Silofou, Wilson High School

To donate on 9.19.19, visit:

Long Beach Chorale and Chamber Orchestra

We are a community chorus that takes pride in performing great music in Long Beach. We present three concerts each year, including at least one major choral work with an orchestra of professional instrumentalists. 

Why Donate?

We need your help to keep this tradition going. Please contribute what you can.  

  • – $750 supports one instrumentalist. The Long Beach Chorale is committed to artistic excellence, so we 
hire the best orchestral musicians possible, many of whom play with us season after season. Please help fund our next orchestra! 
  • – Suggested donation $150
  • – $300 provides a singer scholarship. We welcome singers to our chorus regardless of their financial resources. For those unable to pay the cost of their sheet music or their share of other chorus expenses, we offer singer scholarships. 
  • – Suggested donation: $50
  • – $15 provides a discounted ticket to a student. We work to expand students’ musical horizons, and offer discounted tickets to attract them to our concerts. 
  • – Suggested donation: $15

To donate on 9.19.19, visit: