The Downtown Long Beach Alliance (DLBA), a non-profit Business Improvement District operating in Long Beach, is seeking design submissions from Long Beach artists and graphic designers for the creation of sidewalk decals that will be strategically placed throughout DTLB. The purpose of the sidewalk decals it to encourage on-foot exploration of Downtown’s unique neighborhoods, eclectic businesses and unexplored gems within its 1.38 un-square miles. The Explore DTLB! Sidewalk Decal project is intended to foster pedestrian connectivity within and between DTLB’s neighborhoods through the use of whimsical and clever decals strategically placed on Downtown sidewalks. Approximately 10 decals will be located in each of the following areas: 1) Pine Avenue/The Promenade; 2) East Village; 3) Waterfront; and 4) West Gateway. Exact placement will be determined after the artist selection process. The design concept should:

  • Provoke curiosity and foster exploration through a scavenger hunt-like experience
  • Be simple in design for visibility and interpretation by pedestrians
  • Demonstrate artistic excellence
  • Be an original design

Approximately 40 decals will be installed throughout DTLB as part of the Explore DTLB! Sidewalk Decal project. The decals will be installed in July 2018 and removed in January 2019. The following guidelines should be considered when developing the design concept.

  • Design elements should be eye-catching and scaled for use on sidewalks where people will see them from above and at a distance
  • Selected design will serve as a template for the creation of a series of sidewalk decals
  • Decals should be designed for between 500 and 1,300 square inches (or roughly 22 to 36 inches in diameter)
  • Design must be suitable for digital printing on vinyl or similar material

Deadline for submissions are on Friday, May 18, 2018 at 10:59 PM. For more information click here.