Vickelly Lopez

Born and raised on the elotes and raspados of Long Beach In a neighborhood built on familia and community. Inspired by her parents love letters sent back and forth between pueblos then again between Mexico and the States. Growing up in Long Beach absorbing the colors spray painted on the walls of every building and highways, images of car shows and the beautiful people all come to life in her work. This imagery incorporated in her work emphasizes the movement, colors and textures. Her signature whimsical waves are constantly evolving and can be seen
in all her paintings is inspired by mexican embroidery.


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Guerra de Alcatraces (2017)
This is my version of beating them with kindness. In my style of whimsy and surrealism, I show different styles of beauty through my stylized characters. It is a painting that shows a celebration feminine power.

Trying to push the boundaries and redefine what the media has been setting for us all these decades, this painting showcases the beauty in fuller models.

A whimsical walk through a small town in Mexico showing how we each have a potential for greatness. We may not seem like much, but if you pay attention you will see all the vibrant colors and beauty that lies within.