Vanessa Avelar

Vanessa Avelar’s works deal with the process of stripping away the subject matter from outside influences, freeing it while purifying it. These pure unfiltered moments are theatrical in nature, focusing on the presence and absence of human connection. Her artworks appear momentary with brushstrokes appearing like a blurry dream, borderless and lasting. These moments are encapsulated in time, strained with emotion. She is inspired by these moments, where everything appears to fade into the background and the subject matter is on center stage. Nothing lasts forever, and these moments are frozen in place to depict how liminal life is. Every point in time is a transition, as soon as it starts the clock is already ticking towards its end. She seeks to bring out the transitional nature of life through the subject matter in her artworks.


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Vanessa Avelar
(562) 822-8572

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Artist Work

The Blinds (2018)

Study No.1

To Love a Wild Thing