Travis Ott-Conn

Inhabiting an urban environment, moving from one place to the next via sidewalks, alleys, streets, freeways, metros, airplanes, is ubiquitous for most people. The effects of our built surroundings, throngs of people, pollution, traffic and construction/destruction punctuate our daily lives and add to the abstraction of our cultural and spiritual experience. In my work I seek to explore the physical experience of density and degradation found in urban settings and illustrate the constructed environment. Through the medium of line, texture, color and form I explore my own ideas of modern culture and the disconnection to nature.


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Travis Ott-Conn
(562) 400-1671

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Artist Work

Building (2018)
Mixed media on cardboard and wood

The Alley (2011)
Mixed media on cardboard and wood

Broadway and Junipero (2011)
Mixed media on cardboard