Tracey Laguerre

My name is Tracey LaGuerre, and I am a first-generation Haitian American Animator and Illustrator. My creative journey has been deeply influenced by my multicultural background and the power of art to bridge gaps and transcend language barriers. Through this letter, I hope to provide insight into my artistic background, demonstrate the relevance of my past work, and convey my passion for storytelling through various mediums.

As an artist, I engage in a diverse range of artistic expressions, including creating murals, illustrating children’s books, producing traditional and digital artwork, crafting short films, and designing animated gifs. Most recently I made a short film for Cartoon Network. Additionally, I maintain a regular sketchbook practice, capturing moments of inspiration and exploring new artistic ideas. Each medium allows me to communicate and connect with viewers in unique and impactful ways.

Growing up, English was not my primary language, and I often felt frustrated by the challenges of being misunderstood. However, through my art, I discovered a powerful means of self-expression. Art became my “third language,” enabling me to bridge the gap between cultures and communicate with others effectively. I experienced the joy of bringing laughter and shared experiences to both my English-speaking friends and my Haitian Creole-speaking family. Witnessing how visuals transcend language barriers has instilled in me a deep appreciation for the universal language of art.

For me, every piece I create tells a story. I believe that art has the extraordinary ability to evoke emotions, provoke thought, and ignite meaningful conversations. I am committed to crafting narratives within each artwork I produce, encouraging viewers to engage with the stories embedded within. By participating in the. Art Council, I am eager to contribute to my mission of providing stunning art , inspiring the public, and interpreting critical stories.

I am honored by the opportunity to be part of this program and to collaborate with the diverse community it serves. Through my art, I aim to celebrate and amplify underrepresented voices, fostering inclusivity and encouraging dialogue. I am excited to immerse myself in the rich resources of the Art Council, drawing inspiration from its collections and engaging with the broader community.

In conclusion, I am deeply grateful to join. My passion for storytelling, dedication to artistic exploration, and commitment to bridging cultural gaps align harmoniously with the goals and vision of your residency program. I am eager to contribute to the artistic vibrancy of the institution and create meaningful connections with the community. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Tracey LaGuerre



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Tracey LaGuerre

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Artist Work

Jocelyn in a Box (2016)
A short Animated Visual test for a longer independent animated film

Jocelyn Test 2

One last pipeline test for my film

Oscar Meyer Commercial (2021)
A commercial I produced and directed for Oscar Meyer

Oscar Mayer Sandwich Ghost

Hey look I directed a commercial for oscar mayer! Check it out, Enjoy the making of art on my gram @tracey.elle

Website Portfolio (2020)
A one stop shop for all my client work and personal work

Link to Website Portfolio

Children's Book and Cultural work (2020)
Some of my cultural and children's illustration work.

Link to Children's Book and Cultural work

I love you Jocelyn

Tracey LaGuerre A Magical girl must protect her family Don't forget to share ! Watch other films made by my classmates: 2017 CalArts Character Animation Student Films Thank you to my amazing team and my supportive teachers !!