hi, im a freelance artist who loves to work in as many different types of art. I enjoy sculpting, painting in watercolor and acrylics, and anything else my imagination can come up with. i have lived in long beach for the last 8 years working at your local trader joes. when i first moved here to long beach i was in an artists slump, after living here for a few years i got involved with a band called Freemans Dead. I was their hype man for about 4 solid crazy fun years. i needed a break from all the touring so i picked up my paintbrushes again…2 years later here we are. i love the LBC


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(760) 712-2843

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Artist Work

love me like a reptile (2018)

red tide (2020)
re-edit of artwork on an album

the hangover (2018)
we've all felt like this before and we'll all feel like this again