Tina Burnight

Tina Burnight is a local artist working out of Wibroe Studios in Long Beach. Burnight has been experimenting with ceramics, welding, stained glass, photography, and mosaics.

“I like to incorporate a sense of movement into my work. The spin of the galaxies, the dance of sea turtles as they swim, how water weaves itself as it moves. All these and more inspire my work whether I’m using clay, glass, metal, or photography as my medium.”

Burnight has been a part of the Long Beach Open Studio Tour, an annual tour of local Long Beach artists’ home studios since it’s inception in 2008. Burnight’s work was featured in the grand opening of the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific’s remodeled gift shop. Burnight’s mosaic piece, “Matt’s Uke” was chosen to be part of a group display in the office of Long Beach City Council’s 1st District councilperson, Lena Gonzalez.



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