Stanislav “Slavsky” Sekacov

Stanislav “Slavsky” Sekacov was born in Sumy, Ukraine in 1991, raised in Central Europe and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Slavsky is self-taught and paints predominantly in the Acrylic medium, but includes watercolor and other mediums into his work as well. Slavsky is influenced by the works of Alphonse Mucha, Poe and William Blake. Their work made him realize that we as people have a constant inner conflict between who we are and who we want to be. This can be seen as a common theme in Slavsky’s work which explores inner turmoil and the dichotomy between right, wrong, good and evil and how the line between the two can easily become blurred. Slavsky’s signature works are heavily detail oriented and consist of bold colors and vivid abstract backgrounds. Being heavily inspired by symbolism has drawn him to create symbolic messages within his work giving the sense of otherworldly presence. In the beginning of 2018 Slavsky began working on series of paintings that can be distinctly identified by their Grey and Gold color pallet. With this distinct color pallet Slavsky is studying shadow and light values and their importance in creating depth in his paintings while developing and exploring his unique style.


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The Eyes of Judgment (2018)
The "Eye's of Judgment" [18x24] is a Acrylic on canvas painting representing a woman being able to live freely no longer having to abide by outdated social norms. The two women on the side represent the spiteful eyes of society and the Gold mask shows our fake societal personas.

The Evocation (2017)
"The Evocation" is a 11x14 Ink and Acrylic painting on paper representing the evocation of symmetrical geometry

The Prophecy (2017)
"The Prophecy" is a 11x14 Sepia Ink on paper

Art of: Symbolism Video (2019)
I love to pursue my own curiosity and lately i have been reviewing my artwork and realized i use symbolism quite heavily That is where this video comes in! I decided to document my research on common symbols followed up by a symbol analysis of one of my paintings.

Link to Art of: Symbolism Video