Social Change Coalition

Social Change Coalition’s mission is to facilitate GLOBAL Social Change realized through the construction of a Global Justice Movement. Believing that all citizens across the globe are Agents of Change in the making, our unique ARTivist approach fosters an Agent of Change mindset by bridging diverse allies together with the intention to bridge diverse collective powers found within Cross-Cultural Unity & Action Taking. We do this to address the deficits that exist within current silo-driven practices.



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Social Change Coalition
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Artist Work

Motivation Monday (2019)
Our Founder & Lead ARTivist Krisna explores Environmental Justice with special guest Sokha from Long Beach Environmental Alliance, offering some ways through creative solution-finding we can resist compassion fatigue in order to remain active in creating Global Change.

Curated Gallery (2018)
Our special one-day gallery curated 26 unique art pieces by partnering with 10 local arts using various artistic mediums; photographymixed mediaceramicsfree flow drawingpainting using oil & acrylic handmade fashionhandmade jewelry

Link to Curated Gallery

Lending Library Campaign (2018)
Our free community book sharing program for youth & adult offer opportunity to gain inspiration from both fiction and non-fiction literature aimed at engaging our patrons in ways they can become an Agent of Change through arts and literacy.

Communication for Empowerment & Liberation Youtube (2019)
Communication for Liberation & Community Building Jan.31st 2019 LIVE Instagram & Facebook session bridged off the previous 2 sessions exploring the communication patterns that block our capacity to use compassion as a foundation to engage in collaboration.

Link to Communication for Empowerment & Liberation Youtube