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Shari Puorto
Singer, Songwriter, Performer.
Shari Puorto (Los Angeles) is an American award-winning Blues, Roots Rock singer and songwriter. Since 2005, Shari has released a series of roots-influenced albums that incorporates elements of blues, rock & Americana. During, Shari also performed and continues to perform with her band all over California, across the U.S and abroad. You would think Shari’s been performing forever. She has the sensibility of an old soul reborn and is undeniably passionate. She possesses a deeply expressive and soulful voice; one that catches you off guard. She is a powerful and dynamic live performer who quickly and quite naturally connects with her audience. Her infectious enthusiasm overcomes you, you have no choice but to get pulled in.

Shari Puorto and her band (SPB) have 5 releases to-date with the most recent two being, Live at Bogie’s and My Obsession. Shari’s music has charted and appeared on the RMR Music Reports Top 50 in the following categories: Top 50 Blues Album, Top 50 Blues Contemporary Album, Blues Song: Home of the Blues & Sugar Daddy, Top 50 California Song Chart (Home of the Blues), Contemporary Blues Song (MY Obsession), Top 50 California Album. Shari’s music has been getting International and National airplay airing on over 200 Radio stations across the US and abroad.

Shari’s voice and presentation have been compared to, Bonnie Raitt to Etta James to Melissa Ethridge.

In addition to writing for her band, various people and other projects, Shari has also performed on many albums lending her lead vocals and backing vocals. One of late being the double album dedicated to the memory of Bugs Henderson, “The Kind of Clubs” Shari sang a duet with Jimmy Vivino and backing band consisted of, Chuck Kavooras, Steve Ferrone, Bill Mumy, Kenny Lee Lewis, & Jimmy Vivino. Shari also lent backing vocals to “Cowboy” sung by, Lou Diamond Phillips. Shari also recorded one of the late Gerry Goffin’s songs in 2014 with fellow co-writer, Barry Goldberg.

Shari has written over 50 songs with Barry Goldberg alone and she continues to write with others such as, Don Randi, Doug Woolverton (Grammy nominated, Roomful of Blues) among others.

In recent past, Shari was asked to perform 2 years in a row at the Seymour Duncan “Notes for Notes” benefit singing along side and on stage with, Robert Randolph, Slash, Joe Bonamassa, Don Felder, Jimmy Vivino & the Basic Cable Band, Alan Parsons, Rich Robinson, and many others.

Shari’s “My Obsession” release (produced by, Tony Braunagel) received first round nomination by the Grammy committee in 3 categories and up for nomination for the 59th (2017) Grammy’s in the following categories: Americana: Album: MY Obsession, Song performance: “Sugar Daddy”, Song written: ”Turned to Stone”.

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Live show at the Waterfront Blues Festival (2017)
Shari Puorto will captivate you as she does each and​ every performance​ She is the Real Deal From her vocal tone and controlled natural vocal ability to her infectious stage presence, you will wonder if you’re going back in time as her music and show is raw, real, and authentic

Shari Puorto Band - Waterfront Blues Festival [HD, Full Concert]

Waterfront Blues Festival - Shari Puorto Band [HD, Full Concert - Live] Filmed by: David Jack Jester Shari Puorto Band website: Shari Puorto - vocals, John DePatie - guitar, Frank Scarpelli - bass, Jon Greathouse - keys, Mike Sauer - drums, Weina Dinata & Jody Brassfield - background vocals Shari has always provided an honest and powerful musical experience that strikes at the core of what music is all about.

My Obsession music release (2015)
It is always good to come across an album that, on first listening and all subsequent plays, holds your interest right through from beginning to end, and this certainly qualifies on that score, from the early 70s rock sound of the introduction to the otherwise funky blues of

MY Obsession by ShariPuorto

Produced by: Tony Braunagel. Shari Puorto (vocals), Johnny Lee Shell (guitars), Mike Finnigan (keys), Bob Glaub (bass), Barry Goldberg (keys on track 9), Jimmy Vivino (guitars on track 5), Johnny Hawthorn (guitars on track 1/3), Steve Fister (guitars on track 2), Tony Braunagel (drums).

Live performance: "Can't Find My Way Home" (2017)
Live Performance at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, 2017song: "Can't Find My Way Home"Shari Puorto Band

Shari Puorto Band performing, "Can't Find My Way Home", Jan 2017

Shari Puorto Band performs, Blind Faith's "Can't Find My Way Home". Coach House concert hall, San Juan Capistrano January 13, 2017 Shari Puorto, John DePatie (guitar), Frank Scarpelli (bass), Mike Sauer (drums), Albert Margolis (B3/keys) Shari Puorto Band is a Blues/Rock/Roots Band with a whole lotta soul who have been touring together for many years.