Mar K-O, also known as SALMONBYTE, is a 2D visual artist working in both digital and traditional media. They are driven by a curiosity for diverse artistic tools and techniques, constantly pushing the boundaries of their craft.

Mar’s art combines digital aesthetics with elements from the natural world, creating an interplay between technology and organic aspects. Growing up in the American Southwest in the age of the internet, they strive to combine natural forms (including the figures of humans, plants, and animals) with distinct digital and technological motifs, primarily using digital drawing as their medium of choice to reflect this amalgamation. They often utilize traditional design elements (such as scanned paper textures, faux ink distress/damage, and others) in their digital work to emulate physical mediums. Despite the use of extremely bright, saturated colors, their work often bridges the visual threshold between digital and traditional. They are in the process of finding an artistic practice/method that works for them, combining their desire to consistently improve their technical ability while also embracing spontaneity, abstraction, and freedom.

Mar K-O’s artwork blending visual storytelling with emotional depth and occasional humor. It challenges conventional notions and encourages introspection, prompting viewers to reflect on their own identities and presumptions about the natural and human world around them.


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Mar K-O

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Aura (2022)

Sonoran chiltepines, wild peppers. (2023)

God Loves Us (2022)