Rick Vilchis

I’m an artist who has deep roots in the graffiti art street culture. I was born and raised in the Wrigley area of Long Beach and began being interested in art at a young age. I started painting walls at homeland cultural center at the age of 16. Since then my art taken me to many places in the United States and Japan. My work is a accumulation of my experience as an artist trying to find the balance between the street and gallery experience. .


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Rick vilchis
(562) 336-6540

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Artist Work

Unity through community (2017)
This was a mural I did for the Cambodia town mural project.

Hydrafacial office mural installation (2018)
Mural for the Hydrafacial manufacturing office. I was asked to paint something bright, cartoon like with a California feel to it.

Beer belly mural installation (2016)