Quynh Ong

Cinematographer & Photographer.
My experience includes documentary, fictional narrative film, and broadcast production.

I’ve always been interested in cinematography and photography, but my main fascination is the humanity and connection with the subject onscreen. Visual arts has really provided me with such a powerful method of communicating ideas and emotions to an audience, and I strive to use this medium to help tell impactful stories.


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Quynh Ong

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Artist Work

Director of Photography Reel (2018)
A variety of my works ranging from music videos to fictional narrative short-films.

"Antler Knife" by Leather Tramp (Music Video) (2017)
Long Beach's local band Leather Tramp's music video for their single "Antler Knife."

Spotlight: Moshing (2017)
A look into the moshing scene in Los Angeles.