I’m a pixel wrangler and paleo-geek from Long Beach, CA who loves to tell stories in pictures and words. My background is in narrative design (writing stories for games) but I always loved to paint. Growing up in an art gallery surrounded by impressionist and post-impressionist paintings I started doodling on my parent’s walls before I could walk. Now I paint people’s windows and walls for a living while waiting for dinosaurs to be brought back to life.


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Contact Information

Dorian Richard
(818) 731-7344

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Artist Work

Halloween Window Painting (2019)
A goofy/fun themed Halloween window for the Beacon House Exchange in San Pedro. See more examples on my website pixeldorian.com

Fall themed Window Painting (2019)
A more subdued autumn themed window painting. See more examples on my website pixeldorian.com

Sea Lion Mural (2019)
Section of a mural for the Agua Verde Restaurant in Wilmington. See more mural examples on my website Pixeldorian.com.