Patrick Thackeray

I am a loving husband and father of three children. I grew up in Orange and Riverside Counties and have also lived in Nevada and Arizona, but made it back to California again.
By trade, I am a repair technician, fixer of household appliances.   By choice, I am a fan of scary rollercoasters.   By the grace of God, I am a grateful and faithful servant.
My grandmother taught me to paint when I was 9 and she still guides my hand. My best medium is oils because you can work on the same canvas for days or months, getting newly inspired before the paint dries.

‘Over the years I have used my hands to fix things, appliances mostly, but also cars, clocks, you name it. That is the hallmark of a good artist.’



Contact Information

Patrick Thackeray
(562) 362-2704

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Artist Work

Octo-mural (2017)
A bathroom mural I painted at the request of my wife, who enjoys art with aquatic creatures.

The Price of Freedom (2018)
I visited New Mexico and saw Native American art that inspired me to comment on the cruel legacy of what was done to the first nations of this land. A native girl flees disease and shadows on a flaming buffalo heading for extinction.

Sinister the Clown (2018)
This artwork shows a red/orange hue of a clown who is a cross between IT and the clown from the Twisted Metal Series. I used different intensities of the same colors on the clown and then the background, which has more diluted paint.