As an artist, I have come to recognize that art is a process. It represents more then the an act of creating, deeper then simple body or mind expression, and is more expansive then simple acts of energy release. Art is literally life itself. The act of creation happens not only within, but is occuring all around us. My art is a reflection of my self-love journey, representing my indigeneity, my passions, my love for all things cosmic and the uncovered truths I learn through meditation. In my art I seek to represent my openness to create the many diverse stories that exist within the narratives of self-love, decolonization, and univers-all connectivity.




Contact Information

Krisna Omejica Escobar
(818) 934-1179

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Artist Work

Colors of Chico (2019)

Slow Flame (2019)

The Medatiative Mind (2019)
Acrylic on Canvas24x36

I am the flow (2018)
Spoken Word of poem entitled, "I am the flow"

Link to I am the flow