Nancy Villarreal

Hi, I’m Nancy. I’m a Los Angeles based bilingual, Latinx artist. I have a passion for transforming spaces with art, storytelling, conceptualizing ideas and problem solving. Im a multidisciplinary artist working with illustration, graphic design, painting, photography, videography and stopmotion animation. My mission is to help and be part of the art evolution of communities in Los Angeles and across the globe.


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Contact Information

nancy villarreal
(323) 945-5780

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Artist Work

Like water (2019)
Hand painted 9ft x 23ft wall at Angel City Holistic Therapy Center.Here I wanted to activate this wellness space with a very soothing feel and how our emotion can mimic water and waves.

kiss of Harmony (2019)
This 12ft x 10ft live painting was done over the weekend at Artshare LA gallery outdoor gate. The symbol of the sun and moon represent duality, harmony and wholeness. I used exterior paint on a metal surface.

Flower Moon (2020)
This is a 3ft x 4ft portrait, Acrylic on Wood. A realism portrait of a woman with her aura as the golden moon.