Mr Benja

I create work that is intended to compare and contrast our current media environment with pop culture iconography of the day. This usually represents itself in video game imagery, as I was a video game designer and programmer for more than ten years.

When I am speaking on the media or conversations that we have in popular media, I use a background collage. This is the majority of my previous work. Each collage is made up of a collection of magazines or newspapers focused on a particular topic. Because this work is generally centered around the charged topics of the media, I choose a more light-hearted and less controversial topic to paint over it. This represents our need to protect ourselves from the constant deluge of reality.


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Artist Work

Detached from the Violence (2014)
Vinyl and magazine collage sculpture on wooden base. Accented with acrylic paint and cloth.

Light Arms (2010)
A diptych of two opposing virtual guns pointed at each other. Each background is comprised of a collage of newspaper articles about gun violence.

The Other Coke (2011)
A painting of a "Bad" coke can on top of a collage of Coca-Cola ad images.