Marc N Davidson

Songwriting is for me very aligned to the architectural design process (I am an architect): creative ideas merging around concepts influenced by our social interactions, relationships, shared or conflicting visions, expressed in a final product or message. Prose, poetry, or simply a statement.


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Marc N Davidson
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Here Today (2021)
I continue to be very concerned about the political divisiveness currently represented in this country; certainly a social condition that I have never experienced before in my lifetime. This translates into the inability to cross political and social lines, carry on a discussion and debate - incurring social ostracization.

Here Today

Listen to Here Today on Spotify. Marc N Davidson · Song · 2021.

When (2022)
Reflection on the alignment of life's elements and relationships that lead to constructive outcomes.


Listen to When on Spotify. Marc N Davidson · Song · 2020.

Takes Me Back (2021)
Moment - place and time

Takes Me Back

Listen to Takes Me Back on Spotify. Marc N Davidson · Song · 2021.