Maddie J. Quin

Maddie J. Quin is an American punk- rock & lo fi musician from Long Beach, California. She sings, screams & plays guitar. Her stage name ‘Maddie J. Quin’ is based off of her aunt, Susan J. Paul. Who was a recording artist in the 1980s-early 2000’s. She took on the influences of 7 Year Bitch & The Gits Quin released her debut EP, ‘Self Destruction and RAGE’ June 2020, featuring, a tribute to the late front woman, Mia Zapata of The Gits called ‘Rock In Peace, Zapata’. Quin found inspiration in the “Rock Rage and Self Defense” organization ( dedicating “Home Alive!” Towards that cause. Quin stays in her roots stirring up a haunting sound & a reoccuring theme Small Town- American Glory aesthetic.
She opened up for Ethel Cain at El Cid in October of 2021
Quin later begin producing her own music entirely from her bedroom. (Poster Child)



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Maddie J. Quin

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Poster Child (2021)
a song that is most dear to my heart. for you M.B.

Poster Child

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First Release (2020)
first project i created with The Compound Studio

Self Destruction and Rage

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Whistle In The Junkyard (2021)
the album that i put my blood sweat & tears into

Link to Whistle In The Junkyard

old work that i took down (2021)
bedroom production from the phone

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