Kristina Drake

As an artist, I am always trying to convey through my sculpture an appreciation for the natural world. It is in nature we can best see ourselves. I use the imagery of animal skulls as a vehicle to express the value of the time we have. We are so fragile and so temporary and it is what we leave behind that will last forever. Skulls are also the seat of the self, what we are as individuals exist only within the confines of the skull. Like a cathedral that houses the self. I also use the themes of crystals and other minerals such as gold to impress upon the viewer the great enormity of time. These things are representations of purity and age (i.e. gold cannot be tarnished). I explore these themes as they relate to my personal experiences and also how I view the human experience as a whole.
I believe strongly that using the natural world in art as an allegory helps us to better understand ourselves and can help bring attention to conservation efforts and support institutions that protect our environment.



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Kristina Drake
(562) 999-2616

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Artist Work

Luster (2017)
Hand sculpted wild dog skull being consumed by growth of fools gold and quartz crystals. Polymer clay, acrylic paint and gold leaf

Vestiges (2016)
Beetle escaping from the crystal lined mouth of a mountain lions skull. Polymer clay, acrylic paint, gold leaf

La Burguesia (2018)
A tribute to Guillermo Del Toro's masterpiece " Pan's Labyrinth". A massive gluttonous toad covets the key needed for the heroine to pass one of the 3 tests set forth by the faun.