Knox Farrand

“As artists we all show up because we have to, we have no choice. We would all wither if we quit. Sad but true, so I am caught.”

Knox Farrand is mainly a portrait and figurative artist, but of course is someone who can’t help but to dive into the beautiful chaos of painting and drawing many other subjects life and his imagination have to offer. His focus is in oils but also works in acrylics, inks and most dry mediums. His studio and gallery is “Studio 1021” on Broadway in Long Beach, where he holds workshops and teaches art on a private basis.


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Knox Farrand

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Artist Work

"Friend of a Friend" (2021)
Oil and pen on linen. 11'x14"

"Room 308" (2021)
Oil on canvas. 24"x48"

Untitled (2021)
Chalk, conte and charcoal on Canton paper. 19"x25"