Katie Phillips

Katie Phillips is a Long Beach muralist and fine artist who is passionate about helping her community through art and being eco-friendly. Her artistic process began as a child with a lot of support from her family. Now, her primary source of inspiration for her richly diverse subject matter comes from dreams and the world around her. Her art is characterized by vibrant colors, whimsy, and geometric shapes.

Katie is the newest recipient of the Green Artist of the Year award. Mayor Robert Garcia stated, “Katie Phillips, we are thrilled to recognize your art work throughout the years, work that is integral to promoting environmental health and sustainability here in Long Beach.”

She has exhibited her art work in group and solo shows in the SoCal area, and co-founded Squeeze Art Collective. She is extremely active in helping local artists get exposure, creating opportunities for more local art, and loves helping others succeed.

Her art work is in many private residences throughout the U.S. and is in several public collections including the Main Public Library in Long Beach, among others. You can find her public murals in North Long Beach and Bixby Knolls. She studied at Otis College of Art and Design.


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Katie Phillips
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Artist Work

Under the Sea (2018)
This is a 20x40" illustration that was used for a 7x14' long mural at the Aquarium of the Pacific. They used it to decorate their construction fence for a year.

How Little Rabbit Caught the Sun (or The Reason Rabbits Have Short Tails) (2015)
This is an illustration of one of my favorite childhood stories that I made to decorate a friend's baby's room.

Antique Sideboard (2010)
This is an antique sideboard that has been in my family forever. My mom gave it to me before she passed away, asking me to decorate it any way I liked. It took me a year with no stencils to paint every visible surface.