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Long Beach Artist

I love this city. As a Long Beach Native I feel the responsibility to care and improve our communities. Art is the best way to do this. We can capture a moment and a time when our imagination helped us believe and see the best in ourselves and others. I hope to inspire this feeling thru murals, illustrations and oil paintings. We can grow as one and have a strong healthy foundation or we can grow divided and become unbalanced and decrepit. My style sways from whimsical, bright and energetic to abstract, dark and moody. I plan on creating public pieces of work that propels our community forward and challenges our subconscious.



Contact Information

Jayro Sandoval
(714) 299-9330

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Artist Work

Inappropriate Response (2018)

Balance (2019)
Digital Illustration

Change (2016)
Acrylic, Oil, Gold leaf

The loop (2017)
Oil, Acrylic, Gold Leaf

Two Devils (2018)
Digital Illustration

Spiritual (2018)
digital illustration