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I have been projecting photos onto canvas lately-even though I can draw-in order to establish the initial drawing and underpainting of shapes if I’m working purely in the studio for complex or large work.

In the middle of Covid, I turned a complete 180 degrees from the studio practice, to paint outside with my mentor, John Eagle who is a local Laguna Beach plein aire artist. Some days are in nature, some in urban settings. I start out composing the shot with my phone’s camera and taking a few reference photos that I work from immediately to set up strong design elements. I begin painting a single flat color onto the canvas, in order to establish a mid-tone, I can work the darks and lights from. The use of grey tones establishes the magic of light, and electrifies color, wisdom that Luminist painters know well.

I have been using thicker brush strokes than before, and moving from photorealism to impressionism. To expand my visual expression, I squint my eyes and close one, simplifying the scene, focusing on an aspect such as light or a beautiful shape, cutting out irrelevant details that may distract from a single exciting idea. I use my creativity to exaggerate elements and to make the work sing. I find that my work outside is a dynamic, exciting, peaceful contemplation.

Even in “the ordinary” I seek out and communicate the essentials that I find fascinating.


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James joseph Hendershott
(714) 369-4886

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Artist Work

Concrete and Steel (2020)
Inhospitable miles of barren concrete landscape punctuated by labyrinths of grimy metal pipes, carrying the blood of modern civilization dependent upon the refinement of its raw material.

Wilmington Detritus (2020)
The line of Palos Verdes and the hazy, distant refineries frame the train cars holding the petrochemicals that are the building blocks of modern life in this shipping yard.

Smell the Magic (2021)
A long and arduous journey for the goods held within these boxes, rolling through inhumanly hostile fumes that burned my lungs and eyes on a sojourn through the mind-bending industrial landscape.

Hendershott's mural for the Irvine High Vaqueros (2021)
Mural work for my Alma Mater, Irvine High. James is a professional muralist.

Link to Hendershott's mural for the Irvine High Vaqueros