Frankie Greco

Frankie is a Los Angeles based conceptual abstract painter with a BFA from California State University of Long Beach.

Music inspires and informs his abstract paintings. He wishes to chromatically build music’s beauty. Just like a synesthete, he sees sound with shapes and colors, and attempts to answer the question, “What does music look like?” In his process, he listens to music. While listening, similar to a jazz musician’s improvisation over a chord, he paints in real time, and lays down the composition for his paintings. After that, he completes his paintings using trial and error.

Frankie creates high art. Ultimately, his paintings are an exploration of his existence. He can identify himself through them while also intending his paintings to be diverting.


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Frankie Greco
(310) 988-6498

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Artist Work

(Self)Portrait of a dip$%it always running to his car, 30"x 24",oil and oil pastel on canvas (2020)
This painting is a fun outlook at the struggle that impoverished people of color go through on a everyday basis just to get through the day. When I painted this I listened to Gang Starr Radio on Pandora.

Scenes from Los Angeles 05/30/2020, oil and oil pastel on canvas (2020)
The is an account of the events of one day in Los Angeles following the murder of Goerge Floyd. I painted this when I was listening to Gil Scott-Heron. It is a more serious outlook than I would usually take because of the seriousness of the subject matter.

I named this, A Blues Song, 36" x 24",oil on canvas (2019)
This is a surreal look at love and the blues, and the coming of age experience it presents. I painted this this while listening to B.B. King.