east village caravanserai

Mission Statement: east village caravanserai (caravanseraI) curates and presents dynamic, relevant theatre-based performances fostering dialogue and community.

caravanserai produces chamber theatre and other performances in accessible community spaces in East Village/Downtown Long Beach. These events bring together performing artists and audiences through shows that are relevant to Long Beach’s communities, featuring diverse artists, audiences and venues. Although caravanserai has been presenting work since 2016, 2019 will be our first full season, including: spoken word, interdisciplinary performance, think tanks, salons, and THINC (theatre here in the city) – performances in public spaces, living-rooms, yards, parking lots, storefronts, and restaurants.

The founders, Victoria Bryan and Sherry Diamond, have extensive backgrounds in theatre, as well as a 20 year history of working together in formal and informal arts settings. Beginning at STOP-GAP, a nonprofit theatre company where Victoria was co-founder and Sherry was Program Director and Development Director, they have continued to build creative projects, including their tenures at Arts Council for Long Beach. Sherry served on the Board during the time that Victoria was Executive Director. In 2017, Sherry hosted a birthday fundraiser for the ACLB and Victoria continues to serve on the Creative Leadership Internship Committee of the Arts Council (although she is not a Board Member). Victoria and Sherry both have long-term connections and professional relationships with local universities.

Marco Schindelmann is President of the caravanserai Board of Directors and, like Sherry and Victoria, brings a diverse and extensive background of professional arts experience to this new project. Marco is currently head of the Opera Program at the University of Redlands. He was President of the Arts Council’s Board of Directors and, while no longer a board member, he continues to serve on the CAP Committee.


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Victoria Bryan and Sherry Diamond

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From the Street to the Stage New Grassroots Theatre Company Tackles Current Issues (2019)
caravanserai's production of Dido & Aeneas, in/around the Found Theatre, Director: Marco Schindelmann, sung by members of the Opera Workshop, University of Redlands. Victimized by family violence, Dido (the wanderer) fled from her home to the coast of Africa Displaced from her own country, she founded the Carthaginian civilization.

Link to From the Street to the Stage New Grassroots Theatre Company Tackles Current Issues

By Dawn's Early Light (2017)
By dawn’s early light, on January 20, 2017, Marco Schindelmann performed his original version of the National Anthem to mark Inauguration Day. On a Linden Avenue porch, he voiced the beginning of this new era.

Posted by Marco Schindelmann on Friday, January 20, 2017

Charisma (2018)
Excerpt from Charisma, about a woman who sleeps in her car, presented 9/8/2018, at an east village caravanserai fundraising launch. This street theatre engaged passersby as well as attendees at the event.