Don Kevin

Since moving to Long Beach in 2018 Don Kevin has begun creating music inspired by the city. Inspired by Snoop Dogg and other Long Beach/Los Angeles rappers, he is determined to inspire others by promoting independence, working hard, and being yourself. His style is unique because he does everything himself except making the beats.


Contact Information

Kevin Garcia
(858) 262-0819

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Artist Work

Bet I Got Some Weed Freestyle (2018)
Don Kevin freestyles about his daily life living in the beautiful LBC - rolling joints, buying expensive shoes, driving topless Jeep Wranglers, and believing in yourself. Rapping over Schoolboy Q's " Bet I Got Some Weed" who is a rapper from South Central Los Angeles .

Long Beach Smooth Groovin Compilation (2018)
The City of Long Beach inspired this freestyle to Scarface's "Guess Whose Back". Don Kevin speaks about reminiscing on being homeless while driving his Rolls Royce down Long Beach's Broadway Ave.

Don Kevin - Bird On A Wire Freestyle lyrics (2018)
Don Kevin's boss lifestyle ranges from doing Yoga on the Bluff, riding jet skis, racing speed boats, and discussing finances over breakfast with his lawyer and accountant.