Disorganized Depictions

Disorganized Depictions is an art company which specializes in creating bold, powerful murals to deliver resonating messages with viewers. As a company, we believe success is only achieved when you help others achieve it. For this reason, we always prioritize our clients, partners, or anyone we donate to. Each mural helps to support foster youth, refugee families, and the homeless.


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Women's Restroom Mural in the Art Expo at Bixby Knolls (2020)
A fully engulfing women's restroom mural in the Art Expo in Bixby Knolls. This piece was made to help inspire and make the community feel uplifted. Originally submitted to the city, the Expo jumped on this concept and asked us to make it a private piece for their center.

Happy Tears Logo Mural (2020)
As a piece for our private studio, our lead muralist, Derrik Diza, painted our company logo to boost creativity and productivity in the workplace. This piece is a testament to where we've come and where we began.

Black Lives Matter Mural (2020)
Black Lives Matter Mural created on boards of a boarded up building in San Diego. A private client approached us and asked us to do something as a statement piece for the events happening the movement. We were honored to do so.