A not so long time ago in a galaxy pretty close to this one, a young “closeted” 13 year old boy started creating art. Having trouble expressing his homosexuality he struggled to find his muse and what would become the central theme of his art. It was not until he was 18 that he found erotic art and photography which began revealing themselves in his work. At 22 years old Christopher came out of the closet to the world and was able to fully and freely express himself in his art as a gay man. For years after, he sold art at street festivals in Las Vegas before entering his first international competition “12 Inches of Sin” hosted by the world famous Sin City Gallery. There he began to acquire fame and notoriety for his beautiful and naughty art. In 2015 he became the youngest finalist in the show’s history being one of twelve selected out of the hundreds of submissions from 26 counties for his piece “Trunked”. In 2016 his work “Wolfpack” was chosen to be featured in the La Salon Des Refuses Du Peche exhibition making him the youngest to be featured back to back, a title he still holds today. He would go on to be published internationally and found himself among the most talented erotic artists on the planet. After accomplishing this major milestone he began to explore other talents he possessed with his creativity. For several years he worked as an event planner on the Las Vegas Strip throwing various corporate events at the MGM, Bellagio, Cosmopolitan, and Caesar’s Palace properties. In 2018 he created his own wedding planning business where he continues to work today. In the summer of 2020 due to the lack of weddings as a result of Covid-19, Christopher was able to spend time focusing back on his art and Dickscoveries was born. Christopher currently lives in Downtown Long Beach, California where he hopes to open a new gallery in 2021.


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Christopher Labine Jr
(702) 588-4146

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Artist Work

Galacdick (2020)

Liftoff (2020)

Mars Moon (2020)

Across The Uni Vers (2020)